Saturday, February 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Stanley Burke!

Odysseus of The Mind!

We love YOU

Rock ON
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Thanks for the Years of Inspiration!


Sherryll said...

Hello Holly,

Just now in looking up information on Knowlton Nash's passing, I heard reference made to Stanley Burk. I was excited because of this: In the 70s I was in my 20s living in Nelson. A number of us were disturbed by food aditives in food. We found a film made by Stanley Burk and planned to show it. We couldn't believe our ears when we were NOT ALLOWED to show it on threat of law suit! I think it had been banned!

One day I was hitchhiking downtown from Kits and none other than Stanley picked me up. I was over the moon. We had such a good talk about honesty in reporting. Later, I met some of his family, as friends of mine were musicians where I was staying on 8th near Sasamat, and they were over for a Christmas party I believe. I am so glad to learn that.

Would love to hear from you but don't know how to place contact information for you alone.

Kind regards,


Donneley McCann said...

Stanley was a partner with my husband, Jack McCann, in the Nanaimo times. When the paper was sold we sailed off from Nanaimo and ended up living in La Paz, Baja California Sur in Mexico in 1990. Jack died in 1995 and I lost track of Stanley
thereafter. Would love to say hello and be in touch. Thrilled to hear Stanley is still with us and happy to have found this site.
Donneley McCann