Sunday, June 10, 2007

Let's Talk about Public Leadership!

I write this with the hope that it will help start public action on the world's two most serious crises :

Global Warming and
Controlling war

This, especially at this time, when nuclear weapons may be acquired by dictators of unsure mental stability.

Public leadership is essential.
As a fundamental concept, I emphasize the need for public leadership because politicians are primarily concerned with power and, to achieve it, they promise the public the things the public wants most -- more money, leisure, pensions and pleasure.

Survival, however, will require sacrifice and hard work. Public leadership is essential. Some will say the public is ignorant, but I point out that the public is everybody--including every genius and organizer in the world. It may take many years to organize that power, but the global communication system now makes it possible.

And it will be the most exciting venture in human experience!