Sunday, February 8, 2015

Friends, Fans and Family of Stanley Burke! It's Stanley Day!

February 8th. Stanley Burke's birthday! He is 92 years young today. As I reached for the phone to call him on Amherst Island, I glanced out my window and was delighted by the sight of a rainbow hanging in the air, right off my balcony by Stanley Park. Clearly this is Da's birthday rainbow. I was excited to share it with him and he sounded ebullient on the phone, and loved my version of "Ode to Joy"played on the piano (mixed in with Charlie Brown.)

Miles of smiles...
Here's to a  remarkable human. We are so lucky he's still with us. We can still laugh together, still share the experience of life together.

He and Peggie will soon travel around the horn on a cruise ship and up the coast of Brazil,
for their next adventure.

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