Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Age of Discovery

Humankind now enters a 'New Oceanic Age.'

Like the great navigators of the Elizabethan Age, we sail into unknown waters...into the Ocean of Space, the Ocean of Electricity, the Ocean of the Mind. Previously we were land-locked and arrogant, confident that all would be revealed through logic. Now, humbly, but with far more power, we venture into other dimensions knowing there is no end to the voyage. Mysteries will always remain. Now we are told there is no Ultimate Truth. We will probably never understand even the basics of physics. How atomic particles can move forward and backward in time. How parallel lines can meet.

It is a strange anomaly that these mysteries emerge at a time when human knowledge is exploding. Perhaps it's fitting that we voyage into the Unknown just as the early explorers did. After all, ignorance is a pre-requisite for learning. As one quester put it," my ignorance is my expertise." So, in ignorance we blast off into ultimate mystery. The human community bursting outward, into the mysteries of space and science, the arts and global business.

It's a kind of daring unknown since the days of Drake, Hawkins, Shakespeare and Newton who were all contemporaries. So, " All hands on deck, we're heading to sea! Look alive there!"

It's a New Age of Discovery.