Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day to a Wonderful Dad!

Yes. Thanks for the rich years of love, laughter and inspiration! Many people join with me here to thank you for your many valuable contributions to this world of ours; your light, your love and your prevailing good humour through many trials not the least. We love you. We cherish you and everything "Stanley Burke."

Summer’s First Morning Awakens

A play of words

A play of light

The longest day

The shortest night

Let the madness of the world fall away today

and you and I dance around the sun

Summer’s first morning awakens

like a precious child

a daisy ring

a four-leaf clover of hope

the full familiar fragrance

that I yearn for has arrived

We stand balanced for a moment

at our height our peak

in the sweet stillness of truth

beyond the pendulum of light and dark

H Burke June 21 2014/15