Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Thunder Burke Meets Himself

Here I was 'cartooned' during my CBC phase. 'Burke in a gilded cage,' hells bells - it was worse than that. But I escaped the cage to bring you other news...

Now, I'd like to talk to you about a powerful communication symbol - the Thunderbird- one of our greatest communication symbols. Originally he may have been an owl. But he evolved into an eagle with a human body, migrating with the Asian tribes who came to North America. Here he assumed the familiar form made famous by the west coast totem poles.

The Thunderbird also migrated westward to become the eagle of Rome, Germany, Mexico and the United States, among others. Look at an American coin and you'll see the lightning in his claws. He's a Thunderbird.

So - the Caucasians finally reached the west coast of North America - ending the great westward migration. Were they surprised to find their beloved Thunderbird symbol already established by the Native People? Something of profound importance had happened--the era of human expansion over the surface of the earth was over. The Thunderbird met himself. Exploration of one dimension was ended and now - the human race goes into new dimensions---outer and inner space.

Outer space is essentially physical but inner space is an exploration of the spirit and the essence of life itself.

Where do we go? Into space and into ourselves!

These are the last frontiers.

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