Monday, May 28, 2007

Global Renaissance NOW!

Photo: Stanley Burke THEN
Cover: Globe and Mail

A little noticed Global Renaissance is quietly raising the world’s people to a new level of existence.

This awesome development has not yet been recognized because humans today are consumed with today’s short term events---wars, politics and crime. Evidence of a Renaissance is growing, but the intellectual leadership and the media overlook it. Intellectual leadership is invested in its own survival while the media prefers to cover violence and chaos.

The present world crisis is hot news and easy to report---"if it bleeds, it leads”. Our media coverage is comparable to describing the suffering of medical patient, while overlooking the fact that his life is being saved by the greatest medical breakthrough ever known. I want to report that breakthrough.

Here are some of the realities:

A New Renaissance is taking shape and there is evidence that it will be, by far the greatest.
Yet describing the dawn of a new era is difficult and disturbing.

It’s not what the public wants to hear. On the contrary we want to be reassured that the dike is holding. The evidence warns that the dike will not hold.

But English-speaking nations will only participate if they make radical political changes.

The record, going back five million years, warns us that, in each communications advance, the dominant civilizations refused to change and died.

Can anyone persuade George W.Bush or the majority of the American public? Can Americans make fundamental changes today? Canadians?