Monday, February 8, 2010

hello world!

Stanley is on the west coast for the Olympics...
Still working on his concepts and looking great!
Happy Birthday Stanley Burke!


Anonymous said...

Good to know you still draw the breathe of life and are not yet at the edge of the drain ... Have repected you since the mid sixties (The same time I became a media journalist)

Kadan said...

I remember living on Revelstoke Drive (1954-64), and attending a "nursery school" set up in your home, probably around early 1955. You lived next door to the Fripps and had a large (or so it seemed) bear-skin rug in one of your rooms. My brother Steve and I played with your sons brian & Cary.
Best wishes,
Karen (Rous) Daniel

Anonymous said...

Doing some archiving and had quite a laugh rereading your frog series: I have Frog fables, Blood, sweat and bears and Swamp song, just bought on Amazon The Day of the glorious revolution and Swamped... Any others in that series? Tks. Michel

loma.11 said...

Can some one please tell me if mr.burke is still alive and active?